Our clients speak for us.

Being an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and competitor as well as a former Marine, I’m no stranger to tough workouts. That being said every time I show up, Mike has new and challenging workouts that continue to impress me. Mike’s passion for physical fitness is evidenced by his dedication to his clients. With Mike you don’t get some cookie cutter workout routine seen at most typical gyms. Mike puts in a lot of thought and effort into creating unique sessions that you’ll get something out of every time.
— Chuck G.
Evolution Fitness helped with what I couldn’t get right. Not only were the workouts more intense but I got help with my diet and was able to fix the flaws in it which helped me push to the next level.
— John C.
I have gotten better results with Mike than I ever have gotten on my own just going to a gym! That plus his willingness to adapt to my specific needs and his infectious positivity and I’m sold!! I’m so glad to have finally found Mike and to be finally getting my health back!
— Amanda K.
I have been an athlete my whole life, but when college was over I didn’t have sports to keep me active anymore. I tried several different gyms and three different personal trainers and nothing compares to training with Mike. I have never had a trainer that cares so much about my progress. He challenges me with different workouts every time I am there and motivates me to push myself and work harder every time I come in to train. I actually enjoy going to the gym now because I know I am going to see results.
— Bridget M.
When I first came to Evolution Fitness, my knees were crunching, my shoulder and elbow was hurting, and I was on my way to being an old woman. Now, I’m running up and down stairs with no pain or shortness of breath.
— Linda M.
Mike’s knowledge of the human body shines through in his congruent ability to cater instructions to each individual person. While working with Mike for four months, I was able to get my body back into shape and revamp my eating habits. Mike was patient and kind while simultaneously pushing me to my limit (in the best way possible). With Mike’s expertise, I have regained my personal confidence. I absolutely recommend him to anyone with the desire to make a positive change in their own life.
— Katy M.
What else can I say besides Mike is a certified bada** and will turn you into a Spartan!!
— Jakub L.
I’ve been to five different gyms. I’ve worked out with four different personal trainers. NONE and I mean none of them compare to Mike at Evolution Fitness. Mike has given me results! My weight is down, my body fat is down, and my muscle is up. I feel healthy, alive, and strong. I recommend Mike to anyone looking to accomplish their goals whether they are weight lifting related or just wanting to be healthy enough to be around to see your great-grandkids.
— Chelsea I.
As someone who works out regularly, Mike exposed me to new workouts and helped me realize new fitness goals that challenge the monotony and stagnation of my former gym routine. I’m excited to continue with his methods and recommend him to anyone who wants to set new goals and accomplish them.
— Stephanie D.
Mike is an amazing trainer. His workouts are challenging and push me to my limits in the best way possible. With Mike’s encouragement and knowledge I am able to make every move count and surprise myself with how much I can do! I worked with Mike for three months and the true testament to his abilities as a trainer lie in what I’ve been able to do under his guidance...complete my first triathlon! In addition, I recently relocated to Cape Town, South Africa and have been able to handle hiking up mountains like Lions Head with no problems, all thanks to the fitness level I achieved when training with Mike.
— Megan P.
Thanks to Evolution Fitness, I’ve competed in 5Ks and can do pull ups now… both things I could not do on my own just a few months ago.
— Chris P.
I’ve worked out with trainers and I’ve worked out with workout buddies, but I have never been able to push my limits like I do with Evolution Fitness. It’s scary, and it hurts, and it’s the greatest feeling you can achieve.
— Tim E.
He doesn’t just make you good, he makes you great.
— Hudson W.
I have been to a lot of personal trainers, but Mike is the best at motivating and challenging me every step of the way. He has never given me the same workout and is always changing things up for me. He makes the 60-90 minutes go quick despite the hard work. I highly recommend you give him a try.
— Lynnea W.